Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis

Premier can clean and maintain office building's floors, banners and so much more.

Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis

Premier will clean the carpet depending on the customer's needs.  Most commercial carpets require a 2-step process:

1. Pre-spray with a solution that treats stains to get the residue out of carpet with special attention to high traffic areas.

2. Depending on the carpet, a scrubber machine is used to renew the carpet by bringing the pile up and further breaking down the residue with chemicals.

VCT Floors

Premier can clean VCT floors by stripping then waxing to reglaze the floors. The last step is to buff them. Premier can also maintain the floors.

It is recommended to steam clean these type of floors every 6 months.

Rugs are treated with a 2-step cleaning process.

Premier can move furniture per the customer's request for a fee .

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