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Carpet Stain Removal Company Indianapolis

Have you ever gotten those stains on your carpet near furniture or baseboards that look like black marks and cannot figure out how to clean them? These stains are difficult but not impossible to remove. Premier uses a procedure to restore the natural coloring back to your carpet.  

Premier prides itself as a carpet stain removal company - specializing in removing or fixing difficult stains - you name it, we have seen it, such as ink, furniture stains, kool aid, permanent marker, wine. For bleach stains, we do spot dying to correct the color loss.

If stains cannot be removed, Premier can repair the carpet in the stained area. An estimate will be done before each repair. 

Premier will always use styrofoam blocks to lift furniture from preventing any bleeding into the carpet during a cleaning. Please wait the necessary time to ensure carpets are completely dry before removing the Styrofoam blocks.         

Be careful with over the counter cleaners and toothpaste - some of which contain bleach. If you do not get it all out, over time these products will bleach out the carpet.

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Carpet Stain Removal Company
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