Pet Odor

Pet Odors Indianpolis

Sometimes you just need to hire the professionals for a deep clean and/or removal of pet odor.  

We will provide an estimate based on a detailed assessment of the area that needs to be cleaned.  For the assessment, we cover the windows to make the room dark and check for stains with a black light to identify the damaged areas. 

To clean these tough stains, we have a 3 step process.

1.  We treat the urine stains with a solution that goes all the way to the padding. 

2.  After 20-30 minutes of allowing the solution to activate and neutralize the urine, we will then extract the solution out of the carpet with a special tool. 

      3. The steam cleaner is then used to extract residue with high heat to dry the carpet, rinsing the fibers and solution.  

Premier can also replace the padding and carpet if needed.        

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